Halloween In January

1 01 2008

scary clown
chim chim chiree mutha$%&^@ !!!

I’ve always had a strange infatuation with creepy rap songs. Something about lo-fi scary rap gives me the same feeling as a well made low budget horror movie (in my opinion the original Halloween will always be more frightening and believable than any new CGI “horror” film). Around the time I turned 12 and entered junior high I became obsessed with the music of the Geto Boys and really never turned back. I can remember being at Moby Disc on Ventura and just staring at this cover…The day that my dad gave me 5 bucks to buy We Can’t Be Stopped I went home and listened to the album front to back in my living room. That night when we ate spaghetti with pink tomato sauce (shout out to dipset) all I could think about was the lyrics to Chucky and ended up with an appetite smaller than Bushwick Bill. If there was an award for most terrifying rapper of all time I think it’d certainly be a tie between Bushwick and Ganksta Nip. I guess I’ll let you be the judge.

Bushwick Bill- Only God Knows (1995) as heard in…

The Video! (Beware if you have a fear of clowns and dwarves with Phantom Of The Opera Masks)

Ganksta Nip- Come Into My World (1993) which samples…

Bootsy Collins- May The Force Be With You (1978) Also sampled in…

2Pac- Where Do We Go From Here (1994)

More scary raps…

Triple Six Mafia- Victim of A Drive By (199?)

Gravediggaz- Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide (1994)